Microsoft Solution to Windows memory “problem”


If, after downloading the ethics course, when attempting to install it, you receive this error message:


This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run.


 Please do the following (you may print for easy reference):


1.     Right click on the computer icon on your desktop.

2.     Left click Properties

3.     This opens the System Properties box.  Left click Advanced tab.

4.     In the performance section, left click Settings.

5.     This opens the Performance options window.  Left click Advanced tab.

6.     In the Virtual Memory Section, left click Change.  This opens the

     Virtual Memory window.

7.     Choose Custom size.

8.     Change the number in the small Initial size (MB) window to 500.

9.     Change the number in the small Maximum size (MB) window to 500.

10. Left click Set.

11. Left click OK

12. Shut down and restart your computer.


Now you will be able to install the Ethics program.




John Walsh


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